F**k resolutions and stay in your comfort zone!

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I just checked the pictures we snapped over the last years on some trips to the seaside from the north to the south of Europe.

I always see some really horrible pictures of the big garbage patches or the debris on some islands and beaches around the pacific on instagram and media. These pictures are really frightening at the first moment.

In the past I used them very often during discussions and presentations to describe what an impact our massive consumption has on our beautiful nature.

After seeing such pictures, people often are really shocked and want to change something in their lifestyle. They are telling me that sometimes they found trash and marine debris on the shore as well - but not as much as on the pictures.

This littering is not only around the pacific or contained to garbage patches. Unfortunately, the problem is much bigger. Over the last four years we could observe that beaches and coastlines around the Atlantic and the Mediterranean are full of debris.

Four years ago we already had bags full of trash a few minutes into a beach clean-up. Beginning two years ago we still found plenty of debris, but what we also saw were tiny little bits of plastic instead of mussels at beaches. We found them on the shore of the North Sea and on the Atlantic Ocean. They are everywhere. And there were more and more over the course of those last two years.

Sitting on a really beautiful beach, between your fingers and toes what you believe is white sand, but in reality are tiny little pieces of plastic... This shows me that we are already past the point of „five minutes to midnight“.

The following pictures show some of the beautiful beaches we visited. Often there were people sunbathing who didn’t realize the pollution around their towels. Sometimes we also didn't notice the plastic on first sight but we couldn't unsee it afterwards.

I really hope someone is finding a solution to clean up the oceans, the shores and beaches from these tiny particles. They are impossible to pick up by hand because there are hundreds and thousands of it.

If we want to continue spending some nice sunny days at the beautiful seaside we all have to reduce our consumption and we all have to force companies and politicians to cut down on single use packaging. The industry, the politicians and we are responsible for the pollution of our own comfort zone - the earth with it's wonderful places. The earth, that is giving all the creatures food and a place to live.

Please, f**k those new year resolutions and ask yourself:

Does this coffee to go in a single use cup give me more than just brief comfort?
Is the next funny gadget really as useful as I think?
Will I fancy those clothes and accessories in a year?
Or will it all go to the bin in a few weeks, days, moments?

* Pictures are taken at beaches in Denmark and on the Canarian Islands. Copyright by Clean Clean.